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Make cocktails in under 30 seconds with the Mixo Two. 180 cocktails can be made per hour.

Quality Cocktails

Consistently mixed drinks of high quality with fresh ingredients from a built-in fridge. Mixo Two also has a detection system for empty bottles.

Ease of use

Make perfect cocktails with just two clicks using Mixo Two's expertly crafted cocktail menu. It features over 100 pre-programmed cocktails with the ability to store up to 300. Requires power and internet connection.

Increase profits

Choose Mixo Two to boost your staff's productivity with ease. This solution enhances operational efficiency and reduces waste while providing comprehensive reports and statistics for bar management. Trust in Mixo Two and take control.

Interactive Touch Screen

Bartender's Assistant

Bar Management Dashboard

Recipe Editor / Creator

Bar Management Reports

Mixologiq dash board
Enhances Customer Experience

Keep your customers coming back for new and exciting cocktails.

Increases Profits

Eliminates overpours

Pours Quality Cocktails

Every cocktail is consistent to the recipe.