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As low as $400/month for 60 months*

* Payment based on unit purchase price of $19,500 and does not include shipping and applicable taxes. Actual payment amount will be dependent upon borrower’s individual credit, risk profile, and lease structure.

  • All units are covered by a 1 year warranty, tech support, 1 year maintenance program.

Accessories Included


We are proud to have partnered with LeaseQ to offer you equipment financing options that will allow you to get the equipment you want for a low monthly payment.

By choosing to lease-to-own your equipment, you will be able to conserve your cash for other operating expenses and not only get the items you need but access the items you want, for a comfortable monthly payment.

This opens you up to equipment that will be the perfect fit for your businesses’ unique needs.

Enter the information below to get a feel for what you may qualify for at the monthly payment amount and term length you are comfortable with.

If you’re ready to see what you qualify for, click here to fill out an application, and someone from LeaseQ will be in touch with you shortly to go over your options.


Your margins matter. Use this ROI calculator to see how choosing different pieces of equipment will affect your bottom line.

If you’re considering equipment lease financing, this calculator will help you figure out how much your monthly lease payment will be offset by the profit the equipment brings in.

Enter the required information into the calculator below to see how different pieces of equipment will help increase your bottom line.

Pro Tip: You may receive tax benefits from leasing your equipment! Section 179 may reduce your tax liability by allowing you to claim depreciation on your leased equipment. Even if you have the cash to purchase an item outright, the potential benefit can be enough to make equipment lease financing a great financial decision. A tax professional should be consulted to help you fully understand the benefits of leasing.

Quote Terms & Conditions:

Applicant understands the TimePayment Quote is a summary of potential monthly lease payments and terms for equipment selected by Applicant. Applicant understands the TimePayment Quote is not a firm offer. Applicant agrees that the actual payment will be based on Applicant’s creditworthiness as determined solely by TimePayment. Applicant agrees TimePayment may revoke this Quote with or without notice. Notwithstanding any terms or provisions contained herein, this does not constitute a legally binding commitment or an enforceable agreement, including an agreement to lease equipment, and does not obligate TimePayment to do business with Applicant.